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Lampsi is America’s leading supplier of OEM projector lamps and TV lamp. We provide high quality original-bulb-inside projector lamp replacements using Philips UHP, Osram P-VIP, and Ushio NSH bulbs.

We offer the best quality and best deals on projector lamps and TV lamps for every make and model of projector/TV. We carry our own inventory of projector lamps in our Whippany, New Jersey warehouse – which means you’ll get your lamps incredibly fast. All lamps we supply come with an automatic 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.

Lampsi guarantees your projector bulb is an Original bulb (Philips / Osram / Ushio) with our customized housing. Lamp is an integral part to bring outstanding brightness and color to your projected video display. Original bulbs will gurantee better luminosity, clolor uniformity, and most importantly, safety for our customers. With a genuine lamp you can enjoy a full lamp lifespan from your projector replacement lamp. Uniquely designed and engineered to operate with the projector’s electrical components, only genuine lamps assure you full life performance and keep the projector/TV warranty valid.

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